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The Showroom / F&I application, when integrated to the basic IMPAK.NET™ solution, provides a very intuitive and user-friendly environment for this strategic department, allowing complete control of the sales process.  This application answers and anticipates the ever growing needs of ultramodern sales concept from your sales team.


Moreover, this application addresses, for an increased productivity, of all the inherent stages of a modern and effective sale process. From the entry of a customer in your showroom up to the signature of the contract, this module offers to you all the necessary tools for the conclusion of a profitable sale, stimulating the establishment of a winning customer-sales person relation.


On the other hand, the application allows for precise and fast calculation of the various financing terms relative to the purchase or the leasing of a vehicle. Today, numerous and various financing options are available and customers wish to compare pros and cons of those options. The IMPAK.NET™ F&I application provides you with all the tools needed to find and present the most advantageous financial solution, compatible to the specific needs of the customers.
As it should be, this application provides the facility for you to store all the information on your customers (customer file), thus making it possible for you to refer to it quickly at any time:

  • Preferred vehicle type (model, options, etc.)
  • Storage of all quotations, with detailed information
  • Referencing information (newspaper ad, radio, TV, car show, etc.)
  • Anticipated purchase date
  • And many more

Being totally integrated, this module eliminates double entry and clerical tasks such as manual calculations, writing of sales contracts or financing contracts or the IM2C / transit, amongst others. The direct access to all the information contained in the calculation screen helps you conclude your sales, quickly and easily. You want to modify the choice of bank, the insurance company, the term, the interest rate or even the included protections? Even better, you want to change the selling price of certain protections in order to meet the customer’s budget? This powerful application does all calculations for you, instantly.


Finally, the customer follow-up is a crucial stage in the cycle of sale, even quite as important as the initial contact with the customer in the showroom. With an integrated electronic agenda, you now have a flexible instrument which will automatically record all the customer contacts to be carried out, ensuring that all customer follow-ups will be made diligently (sales follow-up, birthdays, financing expirations, warrantee expirations, etc.).
Furthermore, you will have access to several other functionalities, allowing you adequate evaluation of the showroom traffic, identification of most serious customers, provision of sales reports and statistics, thus everything to have a full control of one of the most important department of your dealership.


Amongst the other very important characteristics of this module, we find:

  • Module is completely integrated, therefore as soon as a Customer or Vehicle file is created, it becomes available, in real time, to all the departments (no double input)
  • Complete and total management of the Customer files.  At anytime, the salesman knows exactly the status of his iles OpenedFinancing approved, etc.)
  • Capacity to create specific packages to offer to customers, with instantaneous calculation, such as:
    -  Option 1: Life insurance, Replacement warranty and Sherlock
    -  Option 2: Life insurance and Replacement warranty
  • Total control on F&I product pricing presentation, such as: daily, weekly, monthly payment
  • Automatic transfer of F&I data directly to accounting department (sales contracts)
  • Complete and total management of customer files
  • Integrated electronic agenda, with automated follow-up
  • Powerful search engine, based on multiple search criteria
  • Multiple reports available, such as: 
    -  Customer contact list, for effective management of customer follow-ups
    -  Showroom Activity report: number of customer files treated by salesman, sales rate per salesman, etc.
    -  Profitability report on Sales and F&I, Commissions, etc.
  • And a many other functions

The IMPAK.NET™ Showroom / F&I application represents the essential tool for an increase of your vehicle sales, financing and supplementary protection sales, while increasing productivity of your staff.

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