Electronic Shop Dispatch

Integrated in our IMPAK.NET™ system, the Shop Dispatch application automates completely the work orders assignment cycle in the mechanic department.

This application assures you a maximum of efficiency and productivity by the direct interaction of the technicians in the IMPAK.NET™ system.

Indeed, the Shop Dispatch application bases the work orders assignment on the qualifications and the field of expertise of each technician while taking into account the priority of the work to be done.

Shop Dispatch eliminates the time lost by the technicians waiting for work orders and the need for circulation of the paper documents. This application, completely integrated, thus allowing the unique data entry and share those same data with all other applications of the system IMPAK.NET ™.

With the Shop Dispatch application, you control the following aspects:

  • The available hours by technician or by team
  • The types and the time of breaks
  • The work orders assignment
  • The work orders status
  • The technicians status

With its various reports such as the list of the operations in wait mode, list of the assigned and not completed operations, list of the tasks exceeding the number of estimated hours and the list of punched hours, the Shop Dispatch application provides you with the essential tool for a complete control of your mechanic department.

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