In an ideal world, it is most certainly preferable to be involved in the set-up, installation and framework of a complete system for the launch of a new dealership.

However, reality is quite different. More often than ever, we are solicited to replace an existing system, one which did not meet the needs of a dealer, regardless of the type of dealership.

Of course, we are quite satisfied when, from the first discussion up to the demonstration of the software, our future customer is rapidly in position to greatly appreciate the richness of the functionalities and capabilities that will be available to him.

The implementation and deployment of the solution for a dealership are critical and risky phases of all project.

Lautopak gives you access to a highly specialized expertise in the field, to the use of industry best practices and to its extensive experience acquired with the many implementation and deployment mandates it has achieved for more than three decades.

Expertise that can be found in our global service offer

  • Business needs analysis (software and equipment)
  • Sale and implementation of integrated software
  • Sale and installation of computers, printers, servers and peripherals
  • Training (government accreditation for training grant)
  • Telephone support and online/on-site technical support

Lautopak is part of your team !

Turnkey solution

We are able to provide you with a turnkey solution to your business challenges by leveraging the expertise of our resources. We have a software application with modular business components, allowing us to provide you with an optimal solution to solve your business problems.

Moreover, when we are involved in a software replacement project, we evaluate and convert the data that has been stored for several years in the software to be replaced. As a result, the customer retains access to a vast amount of relevant, customer-specific information, vehicles, suppliers and more (as far as possible) from his new IMPAK.Net software.

Our turnkey solution approach is focused on delivering complete services for implementing your management solution.

In recent years, Lautopak has successfully completed a multitude of software conversions, to the great satisfaction of these many new customers.


Customization means the complete adaptation of the system to the business processes of the dealership.

Basically, the IMPAK.Net software provides a multitude of functions that allows you to control both the access to the information and the presentation of the information. For example, the IMPAK.Net software offers several choices of display for the vehicle inventory and, full control over the order of presentation.

It goes without saying that IMPAK.Net software generates all the forms required for the normal fulfillment of the duties of your staff, in place in the dealership. These include: sales contract, finance contract, protection contract (insurance and warranties), parts and service bill, work order, statement of account, check, and others if applicable.

It is important to note that the vast majority of these forms (with the exception of certain F&I forms) are laser-printed, which simplifies operations while significantly reducing equipment investment.

The IMPAK.Net software is designed to be intuitive and flexible, offering a real user-friendly environment.


It goes without saying that to ensure a seamless transition when implementing the IMPAK.Net software, training plays a key role.

Lautopak has highly qualified trainers, specific to each of the departments of a dealership. Our specialists will be able to train your staff adequately and quickly, facilitating the smooth transition.

A training plan specific to each client is defined and proposed, taking into account the business reality and availability of the client.

The training is available online (web conference), at your dealership or at our office.

For any additional training request, do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone (450-662-0060) or by completing the information request form.

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With more than 35 years of experience in this field, Lautopak has all the expertise to be your trusted partner, now and for many years to come.