Technical support

Software Support

With more than 35 years’ experience in this field and relying on highly qualified personnel, Lautopak is most definitively in a position to provide the support you need to fully benefit from your technological investment.

Our goal as a software support is to help you to achieve a maximum level of autonomy of use of the software. Our dedicated team has the experience and expertise to help you evolve your knowledge.

In order to deliver optimal service, Lautopak makes great use of the Internet to support its customers. We offer a complete customer support service:

  • complimentary training (specific task or function) 
  • improvement of employee productivity
  • improvement on the use of system functionalities
  • system optimization 
  • software update and upgrade
  • manufacturers price list update

We are committed to assist you, therefore do not hesitate to contact our support center, either by phone or by submitting the attached form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Week-End Emergency Technical Service

For all your needs in emergency technical support outside normal business hours, for general server failure, non-accessibility to the software or to the Cloud environment, or any other major outage, you can join our Emergency Technical Service at 450-682-3355.

Please note that for any call generated to the Emergency Technical Service, charges will apply.

Technical suuport

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