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Information request

For used vehicle dealers, two (2) alternatives are available to them.

  1. The AMVOQ F&I software (GVO360) is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the association, providing a unique solution combining the use of the GVO3 software and our Showroom/F&I module. This solution allows you to manage your sales department quickly, effectively and efficiently for all aspects of customer follow-up, contract production and sales of F&I products.
  2. The IMPAK.Net solution, modular and personalized, is ideal for a merchant who offers complementary services to the sale of vehicles, namely the maintenance and repair and/or parts sale, and who wishes to have an integrated solution to the Accounting module.

Our IMPAK.Net software, operating under the Windows® platform, offers strictly the applications required by the merchant, allowing for a fast and efficient management. With real-time data processing, you have constant access to the most accurate information, giving you a competitive edge in business decision-making.

Lautopak offers AMVOQ F&I software on the basis of a cloud service, while the customized solution can be available as a cloud service as well as an on-site server.

We hope that you will appreciate the wealth of features offered by the IMPAK.Net software and just as much, allow you to position it well in relation to your current business processes.

Vehicle inventory MGMT

Sales department

Parts department

Service department

Customer follow-up

Accounting department

Other modules


Vehicle Inventory Management

For a used vehicle dealer, vehicle inventory management can be a relatively simple or tedious activity ...

One of our solutions, for an authorized AMVOQ dealer, offers integration with the GVO3 software, invariably providing greater simplicity for this management. The GVO3 software allows the merchant to enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) and obtain the complete vehicle details. Therefore and at any time, a full and complete inventory syndication to the AMVOQ F&I module is possible, which offers complete autonomy for the production of a contract for the sale of vehicles.

For any other used vehicle dealer, this IMPAK.Net module provides you full control, such as:

  • Detailed List of vehicles in inventory, including suggested prices and all options
  • List of vehicles by model
  • List of vehicles on order, in transit, reserved
  • Immediate display of the exact vehicle cost and status

Among the most important characteristics of this module, you'll find:

  • Total control and management of the vehicle inventory, including the stock order, reserved vehicle, in transit vehicle
  • Complete descriptive vehicle file, including basic options and complementary options (customizable), photos, promo price, etc., all this accessible by multiple search criteria
  • Availability of the complete history of vehicle owners
  • Capacity to safeguard all vehicle relevant information, by means of digitized documents (i.e..: purchase invoice, sale contract, claim document and photo, etc.)

And many more functions

Sales Department

The Showroom/F&I module is an undeniable asset for the management of your dealership. A fully integrated operation, from the customer's entrance in the showroom to the sale of guarantees, insurance and protection by the Commercial Director, the request for PDI in the Service department, up to the delivery and treatment of the sales contract in the Accounting module (optional).

As much via the use of the AMVOQ F&I software, then via the general Showroom/F&I module, the merchant will enjoy many benefits:

Showroom department

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and duplicate data entry
  • Quick view of the Showroom traffic, allowing you to see in a mouse click, the number of visits and sales (closing) for the day and/or a given period
  • Control your advertising budgets; easily analyze where your customers are coming from and direct your advertising budget in the right media
  • Availability of an integrated electronic diary, to ensure tight and close monitoring of prospects and customers
  • On-screen and in real time view of the evolution and progress of the sales files, according to actions taken by the various stakeholders. (customer's offer accepted, exchange evaluated, financing accepted, etc.)
  • Integrated delivery schedule with graphic display
  • Automated and electronically transferred Vehicle Preparation Request (PDI), including all options and protections chosen by the customer for installation on vehicle 
  • Electronic vehicle exchange evaluation sheet kept in the sale's file, with the ability to access it at any time
  • Automatic commission’s calculation for sales representative and manager, according to your specific parameters
  • Laser printing of all personalized sales documents (quotation, contract, etc.)
  • Multiple quotation storage and comparison available. Quotes can be compared side by side to speed up the decision-making process
  • Comparison of financing info, related to terms and chosen financing method. Give your customer multiple choices, in a mouse click
  • High-performing vehicle inventory search, allowing to specify customer's specific choices
  • Ability to email sales quotation to customer, including photos and details of the vehicle
  • Electronic notification (email and/or SMS) of sale’s files to be processed (exchange evaluation, sale’s approval, F&I in-charge) for the Sales Manager and/or the Commercial Director

F&I department

As soon as a transaction is concluded in the showroom, the Sales Manager is electronically notified of the sale's file to be processed (info bubble on the screen, notification by email and/or text message).

The Sales Manager has all the tools required to maximize the profit on the transaction:

  • Selling price of the different products presented to the customer according to the chosen term (per day, week or according to the financing terms)
  • Predefined price list for the various guarantees, protections and insurance, allowing for quick quotation to customer
  • Menu pricing, so you can group different products/ guarantees together in order to offer them as a package
  • Modification, in a mouse click, of the source or mode of financing, the term or any other information on the transaction
  • Laser printing of all forms required by sale department
  • Direct transmission of transactional data to the Dealertrack portal, greatly limiting errors and double-entry
  • Profit and commission reports, as well as the management of after-sales adjustments
  • Multitude of reports available at the showroom level (sales, profits, goodwill, etc.)

And a multitude of other functions.

Parts Department

Parts Inventory and Invoicing

One of the most important profit center of your dealership is unarguably the parts department. The IMPAK.Net Parts Inventory and Invoicing module is conceived to improve the productivity of every employee of this department, while increasing the satisfaction of your clientele by eliminating delays and errors.

The Parts Inventory and Invoicing module provides:

  • Multi-currency inventory
  • Support of 5 different price lists, per customer
  • Price list update
  • Order suggestion (to suppliers)
  • Control on back-orders
  • Parts Return
  • Management of the supersession
  • Special prices, on a per customer basis
  • Sales journal
  • Cash report
  • Management of lost sales

And many more…

The IMPAK.Net Parts Inventory and Invoicing module helps you improve the profitability, to reduce losses, to increase profits, to improve customer satisfaction and to increase the accuracy of invoices.

Service Department

Service Invoicing

Your mechanics productivity, as well as profitability, are both major priorities for the service department. TheIMPAK.Net Service invoicing module provides you with the necessary tools for an effective management of this department.

Due to its characteristics, the IMPAK.Net Service Invoicing module ensures full control of the department:

  • Unique screen for OpeningClosing and Billing of work orders
  • Provision of programmable operation codes
  • Allows for addition of parts on service invoice
  • Distribution of parts and manpower according to sale's type (at closing of work orders)
  • Allows for estimate
  • Complete vehicle repair history
  • Cash sales report
  • Sales journal
  • Automatic posting in GL and in the accounts receivable
  • Mechanic productivity report
  • Technical advisor control report
  • Invoicing exceptions control

The IMPAK.Net Service Invoicing module will allow you to increase the customer satisfaction, to improve the accuracy of invoices, to eliminate the errors and to increase the profitability of the department.

Appointment Scheduling

Integrated in IMPAK.Net, the Appointment Scheduling module allows a planned approach for scheduling appointments by taking into account all the parameters one find normally in a dealership.

This application thus contributes largely to increase the satisfaction of your clientele by eliminating the possibilities of errors such as :

  • overbooking
  • on availability of mechanics
  • on availability of competencies, amongst other things

Using the Appointment Scheduling, your service department can make the pre-opening of the work order, establish and follow its daily appointments. The service department can also establish daily limits on available time and eliminate the erroneous appointments due to schedule days off, holidays, etc.

Your customer thus benefits from a better service and you benefit from an improvement on the service department productivity.

With its various advantages, the Appointment Scheduling module gets you the tool indispensable to a better customer service while allowing you to increase the productivity of your after-sales service.

Suggested Maintenance

Integrated in our IMPAK.Net system, the Service Merchandising module allows you to generate, automatically on the Work Order, the operations to be made on the vehicle according to the maintenance criteria of the manufacturer.

Indeed, from a simple input of the current odometer and by considering the service history of the vehicle, the Service Merchandising application helps you to increase your sales in the Service department.

Increase the productivity of your technical advisor by assuring that they offer the current promotions (seasonal, manufacturer discount) personalized according to the model of the vehicle.

Increase the satisfaction rate of your customers by informing them, during the opening of the Work Order, that a recall campaign applies to their vehicle.

Develop loyalty of your clientele by making a proactive Follow-up with the automatic printing of the next maintenance date, you are able to determine right away with your customer his next appointment.

By using the power of the appointment mode, your technical advisor is even capable of pre-opening the next Work Order of the customer by including automatically its next maintenance there.

Customer Follow-up

Certainly, one of the most effective ways to increase sales, whether in the Service, Parts or even the Sales/Showroom department, is without a doubt the use of your existing customer base.

Undoubtedly, the IMPAK.Net Customer Follow-up module provides you with the ideal tool to optimize the use of your customer base by allowing you, among many others, the following possibilities:

  • Generate letters and personalized cards to customers:
    • birthday, purchase thank you letter, etc.
    • Verify satisfaction level of new owners
    • invitation to acquire a extended protection
    • Invitation for new models presentation
  • Letters to a customer whose financing contract expires soon
  • Letters concerning a manufacturer recall

And many others…

Offer a superior quality service and be on top of your competition.

Accounting Department

Viewed as an extremely powerful dealership accounting application, IMPAK.Net Accounting module will most certainly address all of your dealership’s need. This accounting application is a totally integrated moduleoperating in real-time, thus providing complete control over your management decisions.

The Accounting module includes:

  • Manufacturer’s Financial Statements
  • Customer Accounts
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Receivable Accounts
  • Payable Accounts
  • Bank Deposit Slip
  • Cash Receipts
  • Report Generator

and more…

Amongst the most important characteristics of this module, we find:

  • No month-end or year-end interruption or limitation
  • Allows for simultaneous operations on various months, with access to up-to-date financial results
  • Support multi department accounting, allowing for profit center
  • Complete financial statements and personalized daily operating control report (DOC)
  • Support for multiple cash
  • Electronic transfer for invoice payment
  • Export allowed to MS-Excel, for the production of personalized reports
  • Integrated management of Vehicles inventory

And many more functionalities

The IMPAK.Net Accounting module is designed to help you obtain, at any time, all the accurate information you need to accelerate the decision making process, speed up the accounting processeliminate double entry and posting duplicationsave time and increase the productivity level of your accounting department, for a much better control of your operations.

Other modules

Electronic Workshop

Integrated in our IMPAK.Net system, the Electronic Workshop (Dispatch) module completely automates the work orders assignment cycle in the mechanic department.

This application assures you a maximum of efficiency and productivity by the direct interaction of the technicians in the IMPAK.Net system.

Indeed, the Electronic Workshop module bases the work orders assignment on the qualifications and the field of expertise of each technician while taking into account the priority of the work to be done.

Electronic Workshop eliminates the time lost by the technicians waiting for work orders and the need for circulation of the paper documents. This module, completely integrated, thus allowing the unique data entry and share those same data with all other applications of the system IMPAK.Net. 

With the Electronic Workshop module, you control the following aspects:

  • The available hours by technician or by team
  • The types and the time of breaks
  • The work orders assignment
  • The work orders status
  • The technicians status
With its various reports such as the list of the operations in wait mode, list of the assigned and not completed operations, list of the tasks exceeding the number of estimated hours and the list of punched hours, the Electronic Workshop module provides you with the essential tool for a complete control of your mechanic department.

Service Electronic Follow-up and Notification

Job Tracking in Service

A unique tool, entirely integrated to the service waiting room management module or directly to the electronic workshop module (for time clocks), which allows you to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction rating, by keeping them constantly informed of the work completion in workshop
  • Accelerate vehicle handing over process
  • Optimize technical advisors’ work

Work Progress Electronic Notification

The customer, who leaves his vehicle at the dealership for the day, may be notified by email or SMS at the end of each job on the vehicle (according to his preference).

Work Completion Notification

When all jobs are completed, the customer is notified (again by email or SMS) that the vehicle is ready to be picked up. Moreover, a copy of the customer’s invoice (in electronic format) is automatically transmitted.

Thus, the customer is able to become acquainted with the invoice, before arrival at the service department.

Electronic Payment

Moreover, with the e-payment option, customer can even proceed to the invoice payment before showing up at the dealership.

Management of Waiting room

This tool allows you to eliminate customer line-up in the morning at the technical advisor’s counter, while making it possible for them to properly manage appointments schedule in an orderly manner, as well as to provide them with the necessary time to maximize your sales.

Offer a unique service experience to your customers. Avoid chaos in the service waiting room, even in very busy period.

Jockey Screen

  • Customer arrival is recorded from a tablet PC or iPad; the jockey only has to select customer from the appointments’ list of the day, which appears in chronological order.
  • Capacity of recording walk-in (not scheduled appointment).
  • A display panel installed in the drive-thru makes it possible for customers to consult, at a glance, the appointments’ list.

Service Waiting Room

Thereafter, invite your customer to sit down and relax in the waiting room, with the confidence that service will be provided at the scheduled time. A display panel installed in the service waiting room will show when the customer will be answered and served.

This second display panel, installed in the waiting room, indicates clearly which customer will be served next.

Appointments are clearly indicated, in chronological order, with the mention as if the customer has arrived or not at the dealership. Moreover, customers without appointment also appear on the display panel.

Technical advisors only have to accept the next customer of the list and the display panel is then modified to indicate the customer name they are ready to serve.

A unique tool to increase customers’ satisfaction and to maximize sales.

Short-Term/Long-Term Rental

Offered on an optional basis to the IMPAK.Net software, this module is designed to make operating a short term rental fleet efficient and profitable, addressing the business realities of these companies by the means of various functionalities and characteristics.

Obviously and like all the other optional modules when selected with the basic IMPAK.Net software, it becomes a completely integral part of it, ensuring high level of productivity.

The module offers all the essential characteristics for high performance of daily or short term rental operations, of which:

  • single branch or multi-branch environment
  • complete control of vehicle inventory (unlimited group classification)
  • total and complete control of personalized tariff codes (unlimited)
  • total and complete control on additional services (insurance, accessories, etc.)
  • Complete and personalized management of longterm rental (in-house financing), including payments,
    amortization, depreciation, etc.

Flexible and very user-friendly, this module provides:

  • graphical interface, as a dashboard, for complete visualization of the vehicles fleet (i.e.: total view of vehicles status, presenting availabilities, reservations, rentals, etc.
  • single screen to produce Estimated, Reservation and/or a Contract
  • all forms (estimated, contract, invoice, etc.) are generated for laser impression
  • vehicles movements management
  • corporative accounts support
  • numerous reports available: vehicle inventory, late vehicles, double bookings, tariff list, report on vehicle incomes and performances, etc.
  • completely integrated to the accounting department

many more options and this, for your great benefits!!!

Extremely flexible and easy to use, this module ensures total and full control of your daily and short term rental operations.

Tire Storage Management

A module that provides complete management of your customers' tire storage, including tire label printing.


AMVOQ's GVO3 Interface

As a result of this exclusive collaboration with the AMVOQ, Lautopak has developed a complete integration with the GVO3 software, for a real-time syndication of the vehicle inventory, allowing the merchant to continue its sales cycle via the AMVOQ F&I software.

This solution allows you to manage your sales department quickly, effectively and efficiently for all aspects of customer service, contract production and sales of F&I products.

Web Publishing Interface (Trader,

Integrated function for syndication of vehicle inventory to the Trader Portal. Moreover, the IMPAK.Net software allows for syndication of the inventory to the dealer's website.

Dealertrack Interface

The IMPAK.Net software offers the ability to transfer all the information of a sales file for a request for financing from financial institutions, via this portal.

Availability of the solution

Lautopak offers a complete software, dynamically bilingual, fully integrated, on a superior technological platform and this, with the best quality / price ratio on the market.

The solution is available for server installation at the customer's premises or via a cloud service.

Customized solution

Prior to the implementation of the software, we will work closely with your staff to properly adapt the software to your business processes. It goes without saying that all the forms generated by the IMPAK.Net software will be customized for your dealership.

The Accounting module will also be customized, according to the specifications of your manufacturer.


Preferably dispensed at our Laval office, the training offered by Lautopak is carried out according to a predetermined schedule, on a per department basis. We privilege this approach because the employees are outside their normal work environment, away from interruption and distraction, stimulating a greater concentration towards class materials. The training normally takes place a few days before the installation of the solution.

Independently, the employees are trained, in small group, according to their function and strictly for the modules which relate to them.


Our training staff is also present on-site at the dealership at the time of start-up of the system, this with the obvious objective of ensuring a smooth transition and debut of operations on the new system, as well as to offer the necessary support to all the personnel of the various departments.

Post-installation follow-up

In addition, in the first month following the start-up of the IMPAK.Net software, our staff will carry out a new on-site visit, as a post-installation follow-up, always with the aim of providing adequate support to users and to supplement the training provided.

Complementary training

At any time and upon request, Lautopak is able to provide additional training, via web conference in an interactive sessions with the employee. The e-learning session is ideal and very accessible to train new employees or when there is a need to review some specific functionalities of the system.

Mr. Daniel Gervais, president of Gervais Automobiles shares his experience with Lautopak.

More references are available upon request.

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